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Ford Certified Windshield
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The more advanced windshields get the more you need a Ford certified glass center to handle the more technical aspects of glass repair or replacement for your Ford.

The precision of the
Ford Certified Glass Network (FCGN)

Glass repair in today’s vehicles is not what it used to be. Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) have changed everything – making it necessary to not only install the new glass but also calibrate the high-tech cameras and sensors. More than ever, it’s critical to take advantage of the expertise that FCGN repair centers can apply to your Ford as a result of their connection with Ford.

Proper calibration

For vehicles equipped with advanced safety systems, reconnecting and resetting sensors and cameras is not something to be overlooked – it’s an essential part of the windshield repair.

Whether performing calibrations in-house or in coordination with Ford Dealers, FCGN repair centers make it a point to insist that Ford vehicles undergoing glass replacement receive the proper calibration before considering the repair complete. This can give you confidence in the new glass and those systems that help ensure safety on the road. It also provides more reason to choose a Ford certified shop.

Original Ford glass

As sophisticated as the glass, cameras and sensors in today’s vehicles get, there’s one part of a windshield repair that remains consistent. It’s still a smart choice to replace the glass on your Ford with Original Ford Parts.

From safety to road noise to windshield wiper operation, if you want to get a Ford vehicle back to its preferred condition, it makes sense to use the same glass that it originally came with. FCGN repair centers understand the OEM advantages. They can help you get Original Ford Glass properly prepped, installed and calibrated as part of your repair.

Ford repair procedures

The process of getting a windshield replaced is easier with the reassurance that there’s a place to get the job done not just conveniently but right. FCGN technicians are trained to follow the latest Ford glass repair procedures and FCGN centers make the process seamless by:

  • Working with your insurance company to help simplify the claims process
  • Providing you with regular updates regarding your vehicle’s repair status
  • Providing a detailed explanation of work completed on your vehicle
  • Including a Limited Lifetime Warranty for the repaired areas of your vehicle

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